Welcome to Sea + Wander!

My name is Jackie, and I am the owner of this electric women’s boutique in Cardiff by the Sea, California, which I might also add– has a highly curated Apothecary section as well! This new endeavor came about for me in November 2018, when the boutique was up for sale. With a little luck, a little magic and a kickass team that was already working at the boutique– Voila! All paths led to the new horizon… lucky us! (Or really, lucky Me!)

A little more about me; I am the mom to a rockstar of a kid (rockstar maybe because I think so...like most mom’s think of their kids). I am the wife to a great hubby (ok – great might be a bit of a stretch depending on the day and of course – my menopause!), mostly just kidding so we will stick with great part; and of course the mom to two fabulous dogs that I also love and adore and who have also trained me to their liking (damn lucky dogs). I am also an entrepreneur and have a wonderful career (not the boutique) that I have been in for over 20 plus years and am still as passionate about every day.

So why the boutique you ask??? I have always loved fashion and I love to travel, so what better way to bring and share some of the great finds that I love to our special little corner of California! So here we are!

I was fortunate enough to acquire the store with a team of women that I quickly fell in love with! Most of them have been working at the store long before I came on the scene, and when we added one more kick-ass team member we rounded out the trifecta (and no I don’t go to the races)!

Our boutique is a place where the team can use all their creativity and skills to make a wonderful shopping experience for anyone that walks in the door! I am sure that if you venture over to the store, you too will understand exactly what I am talking about!

Please stay tuned to for emails and Instagram posts to learn more about what we have to offer!

XO, Jackie

July 01, 2019 — Alyson Melrose