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Deven Leigh Yellow Silk Scarf

Designer: Hunny Bunny

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Who’s your Hunny? You know the one: She’s always there for you no matter what, especially when you need her the most. She’ll talk with you for hours, but knows when to listen. She gives you the best advice in the gentlest way. A Hunny who stays by your side when things get sticky. Your gal pal in your hive.

This design has a sweetness that honors those special friendships and relationships in your life. It’s inspired by our founder’s number one gal, Deven Leigh, who’s been there from the beginning and continues to believe in and contribute to the dream. The ebbs and flows in the motif symbolize a business growing from the ground up, a tribute to Deven’s never ending support.

As a personal thank you to Gwen’s right-hand Hunny, 50% of sales proceeds from the Deven Leigh scarf go directly into Deven’s paycheck. Please purchase this gorgeous piece knowing you are supporting a very talented and hardworking employee of Hunny Bunny Collection. We could not do it without her.

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