Jade & Ruby Globe Ring | Size 6


This is the one of the only Jade pieces from our collections. This  gemstone looks royal and chic. The Rubies band emphasize the white gemstone and gives it a modern twist. 

Not all jade is equal. This is a rare jadeite gemstone, which is the highest quality of all jade. It is said to bless whoever it touches. It has a 6,000 year history of being worn as jewelry. Traditionally we think Jade to be green but they come in a variety of colors. We have selected this rare variety of jadeite for its purity and strength. This elegant modern design can be worn from day to night seamlessly. 

This ring has been handmade in 9k gold for its durability in wear.

YG 9K White Jade: 5.50ct Rubies: 0.34ct