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Make Up Carrier | Metallic Silver

Designer: HiLoveTravel


This Makeup Carrier is Lightweight, Splash Resistant and Recyclable. If you like to see ALL your make-up and toiletries at a quick glance then this carrier was made for you!

 Purposed for:

Toiletries + Makeup + Stylish Lunch Pack + Jewelry Carrier 

7.5"L x 4"H





The name Hi Love Travel was inspired by H-Harbour I=Island, a location where love first bloomed in the founders personal life.  Hi, of course, is also a common global greeting, love is obvious.  You might say “Hi Love” to a friend to start the day, answer the phone or use as a salutation of any text or email. Travel is the area where the light-as-air packs would seem to be the most valuable.   

Hello You!

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